The Hen & Chickens Theatre Bar in Highbury - Our Bar

We are serious about our drinks. We work hard to ensure they have personality across our craft beers, seasonal ales, wines of the world and tasty cocktails.

Craft beer and your familiar favourites

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Love your beer? Us too. At The Hen & Chickens Theatre Bar in Highbury, you'll find a carefully curated range on tap and in bottle - from real ales made by small local brewers to innovative craft beers from the masters and well-known lagers and pilsners from around the globe.

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Wines of the world to surprise and delight

To keep things interesting, we change our seasonal draught range throughout the year and regularly rotate our cask ales. We're fastidious about the selection and also the protection of our beers, and take great pride in earning the Cask Marque accreditation.

Our wines are also well chosen and - alongside a collection of specialist spirits from some of the world's finestartisan distilleries - there's something to satisfy even the most adventurous of thirsts.

Cocktails and artisan spirits

Cocktails to delight at The Hen & Chickens Theatre Bar Cocktails to delight at The Hen & Chickens Theatre Bar

As for our homemade house tipples, you'll have to sample them for yourself. Spice your own Bloody Marys to help kick-start your Sunday (or any day), warm up with a special-recipe mulled wine when it's chilly, and cool down with our refreshing soft-drinks in summer.